Filoli Garden, Redwood City, California

February 15, 2018
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Filoli Garden is an integral part of the Filoli Mansion located at 86 Canada Road in Woodside, California. It is just outside Redwood City. The gardens take up around sixteen acres of the six hundred and fifty-four acres of the estate. Filoli House, also known as Filoli Mansion, is a country estate built in 1915. It is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places but by its official name which is Bourn-Roth Estate, in remembrance of the two families that had resided at the estate. It was designated as such in 1975. A favorite backdrop and shooting locale for Hollywood, Filoli Gardens is one of the most distinct attractions of the estate.

About Filoli Gardens

The Georgian house spanning fifty-four thousand square foot is a spectacle by itself. The architecture, grandeur, and ambiance are awesome, to say the least, so is the English Renaissance garden. You can explore the estate including the house and the gardens. There are guided tours led by docents, or you can embark on a self-exploration tour. Be sure to grab one of the booklets to inform yourself as you explore the historic property. Quite a few parts of the mansion are inaccessible for the general public.

Filoli Garden tours include a tour of the house and usually last for an hour. You may opt for the longer two-hour tours as well. Admission fee is $15 for adults and $10 for children. Group tours are also available. There is a $75 group fee. These group tours will take you to some areas that are not accessible to other visitors. You can explore the Gentlemen’s Orchard and the Nature Preserve.

The gardens are neatly structured with series of enclosed spaces with brick walls and hedges. The layout allows axial views of the annual plants, the laurels, yews, and hollies, blending in with brick & gravel paths, lawns and reflecting pools. There is a sunken garden, a rectangular pool with water lilies, two olive trees next to the lawn around the pool and a rose garden. Filoli Gardens are among the many nature preserves in the area. You may also want to explore the nearby Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve or Pulgas Ridge Open Space Reserve among others.

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