10 Best Restaurants in Redwood City

September 15, 2017
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It is not fair to compare restaurants. You cannot really pit an affordable restaurant or a takeaway with an upscale address catering to fine dining. Relatively cheap restaurants in Redwood City can be quite delicious, even for some hard to impress foodies. While we shall discuss the ten ‘best’ restaurants in Redwood City, we shall also highlight the best breakfast options. If you are looking for cheap restaurants in Redwood City, then you should head to Zadna, Five Guys or Canyon Inn.

Top Restaurants in Redwood City

Angelicas’ is one of the top rated restaurants in Redwood City. It serves American cuisine with plenty of vegan and gluten free dishes. It is a friendly place that is just as popular for breakfast as it is for dinner. You may want to reserve a table here, especially on weekends and during peak season. http://www.angelicasllc.com/

Vesta’ is the default place you should be at if you want to have pizza in Redwood City. It is not that much of a favorite among diners but a lunch can be truly sumptuous. http://www.vestarwc.com/

Squeeze In’ is the ultimate breakfast destination. The various options will almost spoil you and every morning can be a wonderful start to the day if you indulge in some classic American dishes here. https://www.squeezein.com/

Donato Enoteca’ is as popular for private events as it is for its happy hour. The place can get quite busy so reserve a table if you want to play it safe. http://www.donatoenoteca.com/

Mistral’ is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. It is a nice upbeat neighborhood. It serves American cuisine with enough vegetarian and gluten free dishes. http://www.mistraldining.com

Stacks Restaurant’ serves some of the best foods in the city. It is ideal for breakfast. Don’t expect Wi-Fi or any over the top amenity. Simply focus on the food and you wouldn’t be disappointed. http://www.stacksrestaurant.com

Milagros’ is the default address in Redwood City if you wish to indulge in some Mexican. The ambience is superb and the prices are not too steep. http://www.milagrosrc.com/

Town Restaurant’ is where you should go to have a steak in the city. http://www.townsc.com

Harry’s Hofbrau’ is an amazing place, especially for seniors due to the special discounts. https://www.harryshofbrau.com

John Bentley’s’ is an expensive place to dine but the food is genuinely memorable: http://www.johnbentleys.com

Stay at Pacific Inn Redwood City

Pacific Inn enjoys a convenient location in Redwood City. Angelicas restaurant is barely a mile from the property. Pacific Inn Redwood City has spacious well appointed rooms. It is a reasonable hotel in Redwood City. You should book your accommodation directly at the hotel to get the lowest rates.